Back Pain Isn't Just Back Pain

Though most of us consider back pain to be an annoyance or an excuse to sit around with our feet put up, the truth is that some causes of back pain are serious and often emergent.

Potential causes of back pain can include:

• Bacterial or viral infections
Neck pain and stiffness that’s combined with a high fever is often a sign of meningitis, a life threatening infection.

• Kidney stones
Lower back pain that’s accompanied by a fever, blood in the urine, and burning when urinating can be the sign of stones.

• Gallbladder stones
If you have upper right back and shoulder pain, this can be the sign of a gallbladder attack.

• Cancer
Though rare, back pain that’s accompanied by unintentional weight loss and fatigue can also be a sign of cancer.

• Herniated disks
Sometimes the disks in your back can begin to rub together, causing inflammation that shows up as back pain.

• Arthritis
If you have stiffness that comes with the pain, you might be suffering from osteoarthritis.

• Pulmonary embolism
Sharp pain in your back accompanied by fever, increased heart rate, and pain when breathing can be the sign of a blood clot in your lungs.

• Injury
If you’ve just done some activity and your back suddenly begins to hurt, you may have injured the area in a way that needs medical attention in order to be fixed.

• Gynecological issues
Sometimes pain from the pelvic region can present as pain in the back.

• Bronchitis/pneumonia
If it hurts to breathe and you’ve had a cough in the recent week with a fever, you might be recovering from or in the beginning stages of these illnesses.

• Scoliosis
This is a curvature of the spine which is normally detecting in young people, but it may become worse if it wasn’t considered a problem when the patient was growing up.

If your back pain is the worst that it’s ever been and you can’t seem to come up with a reason for it, there’s no harm in seeing your doctor to find out what they think.

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